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All Things EFFY sells 7 variation of tufting . They can be grouped according to the style of rug you can create with them, a loop pile right or a cut pile rug, and also the pile heights they are capable of. The Pile height is how long the fibers stick up from your fabric. For example the AK-I Tufting Gun come pre-set to make 14mm high Cut Pile Rugs.

Keeping these two styles of rugs in mind, let's look at each machine All Things EFFY sells:

The AK-I is for making Cut Pile rugs. This model is the best on the market by the top manufacturer in the world. 

It is the best machine for making cut pile rugs and it is the gun we recommend to all our beginners!

 AK-I is made with the highest quality parts and you can feel a significant difference between tufting with this machine as opposed to a cheaper Cut Pile Tufting Machine. This machine is much smoother and less noisy. It also will last longer.

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The NK-01 is a Machine made by the second top supplier of tufting machines. It's not the original AK-I!

While is is very similar to the AK-I it is slightly cheaper which makes it more affordable, however it does mean the parts of the machine are not of the same quality as with the AK-I. 

We definitely only recommend this machine if you definitely can't spring for an AK-I or if your are purchasing a second machine to have on hand.

This is a much better "cheaper" option than the guns with red trigger buttons which are notorious for overheating and catching fire.

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The AK-II is for making Loop Pile rugs. This model is the best on the market by the top manufacturer in the world. If you wnat to make loop pile rugs with a tufting gun, we recommend this machine. 

With a machine specific for it's task, your tufting experience will be much smoother and as a result your loops will be nice and even. Honestly this machine is a dream to work with!

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The AK Pro is a 2 in 1 tufting machine from the top manufacturer in the world.
For a Loop and Cut Pile Machine, this is lightest and simplest machine on the market.

Changing from Loop to Cut Pile is a simple swap that takes maybe 2-3 minutes and it's near impossible to muck-up you guns setting during this swap out.

The tufting gun pile height is adjustable with 3 simple measurement and a lot less fuss! If you don't tuft this may not be as exciting for you but it does mean you will have a far easier time with your machine.

This gun is very different from other 2 in 1 machines available because of the grooves in the cog wheel that makes for easy pile height adjustment. 

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Meet the heavy duty tufting guns. There are quite a few variations of these machines. The most important thing to note is that you must buy aa version that is suited to your region / country. While North America and Japan run on 110V AC household circuits, the rest of the world runs on 220V AC household circuits. 

So when looking at these green tufting guns, pick one that is either 110V is you are in North America or Japan OR 220V if you are anywhere else in the world.This is what makes these machines more durable, they run of AC voltage as opposed to DC voltage. They also have less exposed moving parts which is always ideal with machinery. There are less opportunities to bend or break parts of the machine. 

The drawback of these machines is that they are heavier (2kgs as opposed to 1.4kgs) and they are trickier to adjust. 

We only suggest these machines if you are machine savvy or have the patience to meticulously understand the machine.The variations of this machine that we sell are:

The 220V KRD-I Loop and Cut Pile Machine
The 110V KRD-I Loop and Cut Pile Machine
The 220V KRD-II Cut Pile Machine 
The 110V KRD-II Cut Pile Machine 
The 220V ZQ-II Loop and Cut Pile Machine (Old Outdated Model)

The AK-III is a pneumatic tufting gun. This means it need an Air Compressor that's at least 40L to work. (90-120PSI air pressure required)This machine is capable of much longer pile heights because it's electrically and pneumatically driven. It can make Pile heights up to 60mm.

It does both loop and cut pile and is actually quite easy to adjust in comparison to most machines because you don't need to make any measurements. 

The tricky aspect of this machine is the setup. Each country has different air fittings and compressor specification that can make it difficult to get setup and get going. If you are in New Zealand or Australia we have worked out these issues so as long as you purchase the Ryobi air compressor we recommend, you should be able to get up and running a bit more easily.

The texturethis machine can create is truly unparalleled. If you are an avid fiber artist this is the machine for you.

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The ZQ-III is a pneumatic tufting gun which we ship directly from the manufacturer because of how expensive it is. It is also pneumatic like the AK-III and has many of the same features. The biggest difference is that this machine can do pile heights up to 70mm as opposed to 60mm. It also works on 220V circuits.We only recommend this product if you are very experienced tufter and are comfortable without technical support.

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