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How it all started

All Things EFFY has been a company that I (Carolyn) have grown since 2018. It started out as a hobby business and I was selling a very select amount of Punch Needle Products and the business was originally named Punch Needle Supplies NZ (I know clever right?). 

I started the business because I personally want to try punch needling but I was going broke importing all the tools and cloth I needed from overseas. I wanted to make this craft affordable to everyone in New Zealand.

But wow how much it's all changed since then! 

I rebranded in 2021 to All Things EFFY which was a better way to represent all the fiber art products I was carrying. However, from 2021 to 2023 I slowly stopped selling a variety of craft supplies and focus on my two loves - Rug Tufting and Punch Needle.

A New Chapter

A new chapter of EFFY has begun.

Shipping is getting increasinly expensive and shoppers are wanting more and more to shop local and get their supplies quickly. EFFY has also gained so many loyal australian customer this past year, it seemed due time to have EFFY's supplies avaialble within Australia.

We'll contiinue to try to import as many of our product to Australia as possible and only your support can allow this to happen.

Pioneering Home Rug Tufting

Something that is often missed about EFFY is that we were the 3rd store in the world to sell tufting machines worldwide. Hard to believe right?! There are so many shops now and EFFY was operating out of a tiny country of 5 million!

Over the past few years many of the products that are used by every tufter were discovered by my wee shop and brought to the market. These items are now sold in many shops worldwide.

What does this mean? Effy is well known and well trusted worldwide.

I personally know and use every tool on this site and my new zealand site.

An added bonus is my background in Engineering and Physics. Currently I am only one of two shops offering repairs of Tufting Machines.

Want to know more about our products?

Ask us all your arts and crafts related questions, we love yarning to you about our passion for anything creative.

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