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All Things EFFY is a online craft supply store focusing primarily on Rug Tufting and Punch Needle Tools. We also carry supplies & craft kits for many other forms of Fiber Art like weaving, embroidery, felting, macramé and more!

All Things EFFY is primarily based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Our Hand-dyed rug yarn and tufting frames are shipped from New Plymouth, New Zealand.

While are a proud New Zealand business with many New Zealand Made Products, we ship WORLDWIDE and value all our amazing customers!

All Things EFFY was founded by Carolyn C. Carolyn is originally from Vancouver Canada and has lived in different parts of New Zealand since 2014 and calls New Zealand her home now. She is an mechatronic engineer and physicist by trade but has always been passionate about art and exploring various mediums. She produces and sells her own punch needle embroidery art in addition to running this online store.

A little background about the brand from the founder Carolyn:

"All Things EFFY has been a company that I have grown since 2018. It started out as a hobby business and I was selling a very select amount of Punch Needle Products and the business was originally named Punch Needle Supplies NZ (I know clever right?).

I started the business because I personally want to try punch needling but I was going broke importing all the tools and cloth I needed from overseas. I wanted to make this craft affordable to everyone in New Zealand.

But wow how much it's all changed since then!

I rebranded about a year ago to All Things EFFY when I started to sell products for Rug Tufting and other Fiber Art Crafts. I often get asked why EFFY? Well long story short I had my own art brand Eye Felt For You that I kept abbreviating...thus EFFY!

All Things EFFY continues to grow as we are supported nationally and internationally and I could not be more grateful for each and every order. I love running an online business and working for all my customers.

We also now have a small amount of casual staff helping me out which is amazing.

2022 is stacking up to be a great year and we will continue to grow and provide reasonably priced, quality products.

Thank-you Everyone"

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