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Interested in a AK - III?

If you are are yet to get yourself this beautiful gun grab one here

This is a beautiful gun but it can be a bit daunting getting started with it. Let's go through some things you should know and how to get started.

When purchasing this gun your first step will be to find a corresponding AIR COMPRESSOR.

Here are some things to consider:

- It must be big enough so that it is not constantly refilling while you are using the gun. If it is too small it can actually result in sucking air out of the gun as opposed to pushing air through the gun. 

- You also want a no fuss air compressor so I suggest a oil free one. 


- here is a link to the compressor I have: https://www.bunnings.co.nz/ryobi-40l-oil-free-upright-air-compressor_p021768

- Make sure you buy a hose that will lead from your compressor to your gun.

- You will need to attach the female connector supplied with the gun to this hose so your gun can then be attached to said hose. 

- You also need to understand your air compressor. I suggest both your compressor manual and looking at YouTube videos on understanding compressors. Below is the video I orginally watched.

Next Important Features of the AK-III

It is important to understand the parts of your gun and the route your yarn takes. 

It is also important to understand the direction of the AIR FLOWFor Small to Medium tips use 90PSI from your compressor.

For Large Tips use up to 120PSIIf your setting of your compressor are in Bar google convert PSI to Bar.

These are two universally used pressure units

2. Change the tip out using the red pliers. I have the old tool that was supplied in this next video.

For changing the tip stop right after I remove the tip and place the new one on the gun. 

Only proceed in this video if you want to change to loop pile!Also note there is no loop plate provided anymore.

Just remove the cut plate and you are done.

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