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EFFY NZ Rug Wool | Ships July 30th

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Colour: Pine Green
Pine Green
Grassy Green
Moss Green
Sky Blue
Cornflower Blue
Royal Blue
Stitch Bird Yellow
Burnt Sienna
Raw Umber
Burnt Orange
Light Grey
Slate Grey
Dark Grey
Bright White

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This is perfect, strong, durable 100% wool rug yarn for tufting. It is 100% New Zealand Wool dyed in large batches for consistent colours.

100% Pure New Zealand Romney Rug Wool for tufting machines, manual rug making tools, punch needling and other rug making techniques.

This rug wool has been specifically designed for rug making. Rug wool is much stronger and more durable than regular knitting wools to allow you to create a rug that will last forever. Unlike Acrylic and cotton blend yarns, a rug made with rug wool will not will not compress and loose it's shape over time. 

If you want to make a long lasting product that can be walked on and enjoyed for years you need to use 100% Rug Wool.

Rug wool is not harsh under the feet. It feels soft, lush and strong. I have sereral wool rugs made from my rug wool in my home and visitor always comment on how soft, squishy and luxurious it feels under foot. 

It's on recycled plastic cones so you can feed your wool easily to your gun. 

This rug wool is essentially double knit thickness therefore, it's recommended to use two strands in your tufting gun to get a nice even density. This implies you need two cones of each color, however I quite often use a hand winder to split a cone into a cone and a cake if I feel I don't need a lot of a particular acent colour.

I do my best to represent the colour as clearly as possible but please keep in mind different screens and lighting can effect how a colour appears. This is why i've included photos of the colours together to help you understand the shades a bit better.

you must use 2 strands at a time in your machine unless at all times unless the hole size of your gun has been altered.

It is approximately double knit or 8ply (as we say in New Zealand.


  • 500gms per Cone / 1.1 pounds per Cone
  • Lenth ~ 500m (1m = 1gm)
  • 100% moth-proofed wool 
  • Hand wash; dry flat  
  • 100% New Zealand Wool


  • 837/3 Tex
  • 36-38 Micron

Why New Zealand Wool? 

The vast fields and mountains of New Zealand are home to million sheep livestock which provides the highest quality of wool today. This is why New Zealand is amongst the leading producers in the wool industry. The wool is whiter than other wools, and the significant color depth allows further colors to be dyed like clean pastel shades and deeper blacks. New Zealand wool is 100% natural and renewable with each sheep growing a new fleece every year. Regular shearing is one of the most important factors for maintaining the health of the sheep. Without it, sheep can develop a nasty and debilitating infection called flystrike.  At least once per year, the growers bring their whole herd of sheep to the wool shed to be shorn. The rest of the year the sheep are free to roam the beautiful landscape.

From my time spent living in little New Zealand I've come to see that wool growers are devoted to maintaining a stress-free life for their animals and ensuring the ecosystem is protected. Our growers also ensure stress-free handling of sheep on the farm with the use of specially trained working dogs. These working dogs are part of the farming family and are happiest gently shifting precious herds to their next pasture or to the woolshed. In addition, Many New Zealand wool growers have joined the New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme which guarantees the highest level of animal welfare on the farm.

New Zeland wool is biodegradable, recyclable and has essential nutrients beneficial for plant life. A naturally resilient material, New Zealand wool bounces back, reducing flattening and wear of your custom rug.

The surface of a NZ wool rug acts as a natural air filter and purifier, trapping dust particles and pollen which may be vacuumed up thus enabling low maintenance. This incredible material is capable of resisting extreme temperatures up to 700 degrees Celsius and even self-extinguishes once the source of fire is removed.

The soft yet durable fibers absorb unwanted noise to create a calm, comfortable setting. New Zealand wool regulates its temperature, ensuring warm winters and cool summers. Which is interesting as we often associate wool with warmth. I used to run triathlons and I always wore wool workout clothing (icebreaker). The moisture wicking of the wool layers kept me dry and cool running/biking in 30 degree weather. I even wore it during my swimming segment as it dries so quickly. 

New Zealand wool fibers are also softer due to the unique environment and genetics of the sheep and the color depth is far greater than other pure wool.